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Gwazae Machine

The GWAZAE - for soil decompaction.


The Gwazae decompacts soil to a depth of up to 700mm using a probe and compressed air.  It breaks the soil structure apart creating fissures through the soil profile whilst leaving the surface virtually undisturbed.  It leaves just a neat insertion point which can be filled with drainage material or just left to heal over.  Soil improvement materials such as Seaweed, gypsum and wetting agents can be injected into the soil during the process.  The Gwazae can cover large areas quickly:  depending on conditions, up 12,000 square metres can be covered in a day.

The machine is ideally suited for soil decompaction of the following:

· Sports pitches

· Golf fairways and greens

· Racecourses

· Parkland and amenity areas

· Equestrian facilities

· Tree base decompaction

· Orchards and Vineyards

· Land re-profiling and remediation

· Festivals and major event re-instatements

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